The People Team

Meet Marty, our Place Manager

Caulfield Village has a unique support structure for residents called The People Team who create events and opportunities to bring residents closer together to facilitate a sense of community, which has proven to be very popular.

In late October, more than 30 residents at Caulfield Heath gathered together in the Resident’s Kitchen for a successful Dumpling Masterclass, following other cooking classes and events like wine and cheese nights.

Marty manages The ‘People’ Team and his company Henderson Brown are the Place Managers at Caulfield Village. What that means is Caulfield Village has Melbourne’s first dedicated team who run a program of community activities that promote positive engagement.

“What has been created with The People Team is unique in Melbourne. It’s all about creating a real sense of community and the response we’ve had so far has been terrific. We receive feedback from all our events and the residents are surprised there is a coordinated program they can all participate in,’’ Marty said.

“This is certainly new to the apartment market and sets an unprecedented standard which has been positively received by prospective buyers, especially downsizers looking to connect with their neighbours,’’ Marty said.

The work of The People Team compliments the excellent work that the day-to-day Concierge team undertake at Caulfield Village to support residents.